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Tips on part time job resume

Tips on part time resume

Applying for a part time job is a whole lot different from applying for a full time position. To ensure that you find the right part time job that matches your preference and offers you the flexibility you are looking for, you need to be specific about what you are looking for while sending your application to the employer.

Luckily, ‘Google for Jobs’ takes care of the first step in your Job Search by streamlining results to include jobs near you, which match your requirements. The second (and most important) step in your job search is applying for a job. Employers spend less than a minute reviewing an application. Here are a few tips that can elevate your resume while applying for a part time job.

PERSONAL PROFILE: Your personal profile must be precise and complete.  Make sure you provide your full name, email address, contact number and current location while applying for a job.

AVOID EXCESSIVE INFORMATION: Your resume should give the employer a snap shot of your education, experience and skills. Make sure the experience and skills listed is relevant to the position you are applying for. You don’t want to be telling the employer you have experience as a “Massage Therapist who performs techniques that help relax muscles and alleviate pain”, when you are applying for a Retail Sales Associate position. However, you can describe how your previous experience in another industry will add value to the job. For example, “Gained experience in assessing customer needs and providing suggestions on services/products offered from my previous position as a Massage Therapist in a Spa”

Pickslots is an exclusive part time job board that has a simple “Insta-Resume” that helps Job Seekers provide employers a quick snap shot of their Education, Experience and Skills. You don’t have to go through the hassle of drafting and uploading a Resume to your Profile. Your Profile is your Insta-Resume!

AVAILABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: For part time jobs, including the days (and period during day) you are available will be an advantage for you and the employer as it helps you find the most flexible option that works for you and the employer. The Insta-Resume designed by Pickslots includes an “Available Slots” section which helps you provide the employer with the day(s) and period during the day(s) you are available.

Register on Pickslots and start your part time job search now! Applying for part time jobs in your locality has never been easier!

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