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Tips for finding part-time jobs during the holidays

Holiday Season

As much as we all love the holidays, it is also a financially stressful period for most of us. With all the gifts for loved ones, holiday dinners, social events, the list of expenses seems endless! It helps to make some extra bucks and also add some work experience to your resume by taking up a part time job during the holidays.

For companies, it is busiest time of the year and most of them plan ahead to determine the additional workforce they will require to meet the demand during the holidays.  Be it retail stores, restaurants, bars, e-commerce stores, marketing firms, arts and entertainment industry, among others, the demand for part time workers almost doubles, at the least, during the holidays.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your job search and land a part time job before the holiday season kicks off:

STAY AHEAD: By September, most employers already have an idea of the additional workforce they will require to meet the demands during the holiday season. Even if it’s another month for the holidays to begin, start your job search now and reach out to employers to be at an advantage compared to other job seekers.

PLAN YOUR JOB HUNT: Make sure you are looking for jobs in the right industry. Discount Stores such as Target, Walmart and T.J.Maxx will definitely be in demand for part time workers during the holiday seasons. Apart from the requirement for additional sales staff, the big box stores will also need extra workers in their distribution centers and logistic fleets, considering the trend towards online shopping. Holiday helpers will also be required in shipping companies such as UPS and Fed Ex, the restaurant and catering industry and hospitality industry.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: In most cases, you will have sufficient time before your job interview. Use this time to research about the company and the role you are applying for. Prepare a list of questions you might wish to ask the employer regarding the job opening. This also shows employer that you have an active interest in the position.

HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: All employers want seasonal workers with a positive and cheerful attitude when they are slammed with customers. During this hectic period, it helps when an employee can work well under pressure and is friendly and courteous towards their customers. It will make you stand out and you may also land up turning your part time gig to a permanent position.

It can get mind boggling with the numerous seasonal opportunities out there.  Ease your part time job search by registering on Pickslots. We will send you instant updates of part time jobs in your city based on your desired industry and availability the minute they are posted on our job board!

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