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Pickslots is an exclusive part time job board that helps job seekers find jobs in their locality based on availability. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 21 million Americans choose to work part time for more flexibility. Here’s why Pickslots makes part time job search as easy as shopping for a product online:

AN INSTA-RESUME IS ALL YOU NEED: Our “Insta-Resume” has been designed to provide the employer a quick overview of your Experience, Certifications/Skills and Available slots i.e. day(s) and period during the   day(s) you are available. All you have to do is complete the fields in the Insta-Resume (which takes less than 2 minutes!) and apply for jobs in just a click.

BROWSING FOR PART TIME WORK HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER: As part-timers, one of the most important factors you look for in a job is pay and flexibility. Pickslots helps you find jobs based on your preference as employers provide details of the Pay per hour/week and Available slots i.e. day(s) and period during the day(s) there is a vacancy.

It doesn’t stop there! Pickslots automatically lists job vacancies that are available in and around your locality and also provides you with “Job Matches” based on your Available slots and desired industry the minute they are posted on our job board!

FIND JOBS FOR FREE: Job seekers can find part time jobs in their locality that meets their preference for free!

ALSO AVAILABLE ON APPLE & ANDROID: Download our app for instant updates on Job Offers and Job Matches in your locality.


  •  No subscription fee or contract for posting a job.
  •  Promotional offer where employers can POST UNLIMITED JOBS FOR   FREE for 90 days. After 90 days, employers can post a job for 30 days for $14.99 only!
  • Find job seekers who will meet your “slot” requirements
  • Applicant tracking during an active job post
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