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How to follow up on a job application


You have submitted your application for the perfect job and now you are wondering how long you would have to wait to hear from the employer or whether you should follow up on the status of your application. Following up on your application makes you stand out from other candidates and increases your chances of getting hired. Here are a few tips on how and when you should follow up on your job application.

Check the job posting: Before following up on your application, check if the employer has stated that they do not wish to receive calls or emails from applicants regarding the status of the application. If yes, you must be respectful of this request and not follow up.

Reach out to the right person: Make sure you reach out to the hiring manager or the person who has the authority to make decisions in the recruitment process. Companies rarely put out their contact information on a job posting. You could find the hiring manager on LinkedIn or you could check the company website and see if you can find the right person on their staff page. If you plan to follow up over the phone, make sure you ask for the hiring manager.

Pick the right time: Check the job posting to see if the employer has mentioned when the application window closes as you would not want to follow up prior to that date. If no timeline has been mentioned, it is usually advisable to wait for one to two weeks before following up on your application as this gives the hiring manager enough time to review the applications received. If you plan on calling the hiring manager, make sure you call during non-peak business hours.

Keep it short and professional: It’s best to keep it short and to the point when you are following up on your application. Ask them when you can expect to hear from them on the status of your applications and let them know you are interested in the position. You can also add a sentence or two on why you believe you will excel at the job.

Make sure not to sound desperate or forceful while following up on your application. Plan ahead on when and how you would like to follow up and you can create a good impression on the employer.

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