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Balancing study and a part-time job

A new semester has begun and you probably have a long list of things to get done, apart from joining your favorite club or sports team, figuring out your study schedule and finding a part time job.

Most of us take up part time jobs during college so we can pay our rent, meet our daily expenses and have some extra cash for fun. While it is challenging to work while you study, we cannot deny the practical experience we gain such as learning to manage our time, personal finances, networking skills, team work skills and most importantly developing a sense of responsibility.

While the extra cash and benefits sound good, we must not forget our priorities in school. The key is to find the right balance between work and study so we don’t end up burning ourselves and falling back in school. Here are a few tips to help you balance study and a part time job:

Organize your schedule: Before applying or taking up any part time job, it is important to develop a schedule. First, note down your classes and also any club, sports or social event you wish to be part of during the semester. Identify the days you are available and plan out a study schedule. This will help you better decide on how many hours and days you are available for work. You will not only be well prepared for your exams, but also be able to find the right part time job that suits your schedule.

Be open and honest to your employer: A lot of employers expect part time workers to work extra hours during busy periods and holidays. While we wouldn’t mind earning a few extra bucks when we have the time, we must be open about our available hours and school schedule to the employer during the interview. This way we don’t over commit and the employer has clear expectations.

Pickslots is an exclusive part-time job board that connects job seekers and employers in a locality. One of the key features is that both job seekers and employers are required to specify their “Available Slots” i.e. availability during the days of the week. This helps you find jobs in your locality that best suit your schedule. To top it off, you can choose to get instant notifications of job matches based on your available slots, desired industry and location the minute they are posted on the job board!

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